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Welcome To The Family

My Life As A Mob Daughter

Angela Pisano

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LAUNCHING 1.11.2024

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My Life as A Mob Daughter

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Welcome to the Family: My Life as A Mob Daughter" offers a riveting and candid glimpse into the extraordinary life of Angela Pisano, who grew up in the seemingly ordinary suburbs while harboring a remarkable secret.

The story is unlike any other as Angela unveils the hidden layers of her upbringing, where her father, Larry Martin, operated in the shadows of organized crime. Despite the clandestine world surrounding her, Angela paints a vivid picture of a family striving to maintain the illusion of normalcy. As she navigates the challenges of adolescence and adulthood, readers are taken on a rollercoaster journey filled with suspense, loyalty, and unexpected twists.


"Welcome to the Family" is a true story that explores the complexities of identity, family ties, and the delicate balance between the allure of the underworld and the desire for a 'normal' life. Angela's narrative is both poignant and gripping, offering readers an intimate view into the often-hidden lives of those connected to the mob.


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